The Prague Conservative Circle is an organization of people with conservative views, values and lives. Our conservatism is defined by Metaphysical Tradition. In our view the biggest opposition that exists today is between Tradition and Modernity; an opposition that becomes evident, among other things, in world – views, social structures, teachings, arts and sciences.

Metaphysical Tradition’s presence in a given era is intimately connected to such concepts as Truth, Justice, Authenticity, to the Ruler or the Monarch, to Monarchy, to aristocracy as the leadership of the best among the most eminent ones, to organic state and society reflective of a sacred hierarchy.

The activities of the Prague Conservative Circle are divided between 2 main areas: education and action.

When it comes to education we rely on, in addition to traditional doctrines, the authors of the Traditionalist School including but absolutely not limited to Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, Frithjof Schuon, Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, Titus Burckhardt, Andras Laszlo, Jozsef Kaczvinszky, following the spirit of the greatest personalities of Tradition, like (in no particular order and definitely not exhaustively) Lao Tzu, Pythagoras, Rex Romulus, Mithras, Buddha, Hermes Trismegistos, Patanjali, Confucius, Heraclitus, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Rex Arthur, Milarepa, the Ordo Equester Templarius, Meister Eckhart, Jacob Böhme, Basilius Valentinus,  Muhyi al-Din ibn al-Arabi, Clemens Wenzel Lothar Fürst von Metternich-Winneburg, Sri Ramana Maharsi, and others.

On this website you’ll find mostly translations from Traditionalist authors whose works are rarely available in English.

When it comes to concrete actions, we intend to facilitate cooperation between members and perhaps sympathizers of the Circle to create and execute initiatives in various social domains whereby the principles and concepts of Metaphysical Tradition may be realized.

We are also prepared to cooperate with other groups or individuals from different countries on worthy causes.