No dialogue between world-views

For about six thousand years (give or take) we have been in a war between world-views. This war is intensifying by the day.

To be in this war is about as absurd as an argument would be about God between a cockroach and the pure intellect. This absurdity is the result of free will. To go against one’s own will is more than the conventional idea about stupidity. One in fact can’t DECIDE to go against it. To go against one’s own will can’t be a decision; a decision implies awareness; intellectual activity. To go against one’s own will is possible only through passivity: through intellectual inertia.

The war is absurd, because, to stay at our example, the intellect doesn’t participate in it. Whom or what would it fight against? Against what stands below it? Against what stands above it? Against itself in a less actualized form? Against itself in a more actualized form?

The key is identity and identity simply can’t be grasped with the world-view of the cockroach. The world — view of the cockroach is a void: what’s missing is precisely identity for which it looks everywhere or in everything it can imagine. In other words, to put it in philosophical terms, the foundation of the cockroach’s world view is naive realism. Naive realism stands in polar opposition to identity and as such it doesn’t have an authentic will: it wants only what it isn’t; it can’t fill the void.

Full identity (fully being oneself), since it’s absolute, is above all possible opposition, including that of being and non-being: nothing exists beyond it. From another aspect full identity is the only possible reality: everything exists in relation to it — nothing exists independent of it. The world view of full identity is beyond and above world views and on the highest level it can’t be named; on the level of names and the level of expressibility the most appropriate term is solipsism or, when considering its “creative” aspect, magical — solipsism, the most extreme form of subjective idealism.

Solipsism may be grasped mentally, but on this level it means nothing; if somebody for example reads about it and “gets” the concept in the morning, he may forget it by the time he finishes his lunch. The concept of solipsism is the key to identity and to the sovereign Will, but it is also the foundation of existence and non-existence — among others.

To understand mentally that

  1. existence and consciousness are essentially the same
  2. there is only one consciousness
  3. there is only one existence
  4. there is only one Subject that rules over consciousness and existence and this Subject is (to a larger degree) potentially and (to a lesser degree) actually mine in first person singular, presenting a reality to my conditioned self that is simultaneously transcendent and immanent in terms of goal, orientation and potential for realization

is almost infinitely more than any understanding that may emerge from its polar opposite position, from naive realism, but this is still nothing. Existence must be actively viewed with this understanding, from this point of view, and this active viewing must extend to all areas of life, from another point of view to every moment.

The war is not between those who walk this path and those who don’t; the war is waged against those who walk this path and even more so against those who potentially could walk this path.

From the Absolute point of view, from the point of view of omnipotentia, omniagentia, omniscientia, there is no war, there is only play (lila); play with potentials, play with potentia pura, and ultimately: play with myself. From the “conditioned” point of view however the war is real on all levels of existence; it is constantly being waged against me to keep my (self-imposed) conditions actual, to keep me in the state of “forgetfulness” about my absolute self, to keep this void actual in as much as I can’t recognize that my Will is to remember myself, and to become myself.

All possibilities that the world — view of the “cockroach” entails will unfold at increasing speed and intensity creating the impression of winning all the way to the End of the cycle. What happens when all its potentials are exhausted is what traditional doctrines describe as the the snake biting in its own tail or time (the unfolding of potentials) devouring itself whereby a new cycle begins when most of what is possible will be kept on the level of potentiality, which is another term for the Subject keeping itself fully focused on itself, in absolute domination over existence.

The irrationality of current events symbolizing the unfolding of all potentials that were previously controlled and kept unrealized (e.g. technocratism (an extreme form of which is the attempt to replace the concept of the Absolute with algorithms), scientism, robotic dreams, or various manifestations of individualism like gender theories, trans-humanism, modern “design”, modernism and post-modernism in general, liberalism, etc.) are merely the contents of contemplation of the Subject from a timeless “position” that, being immanent, offers me the chance, the promise, the reminder that I must make the simple but super-human step from my conditioned self to my unconditioned self, transcending the totality of manifest and non-manifest existence and the totality of non-existence.

In Hesiod’s Golden Age – which, let’s emphasize, is achievable for me in one step or several steps-  that symbolizes this state of total domination, the cockroach doesn’t exist on the level of actuality.

Perhaps this explains why there is no chance for dialogue between the representatives of these two extreme world-views. “Dialogue” belongs to the arsenal of the cockroach that symbolizes the resignation of the weak to just let things unfold as they come, welcoming the “new” whatever it maybe, swarming busily like insects to avoid having to face reality head-on, showing aggression only towards the Truth and its symbols, conducting dialogue with the like-minded.

The Normal, the Authentic, the True has no choice but to crush the cockroach.

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