A brief note on the role of political background powers

Author: Andras Laszlo

Translation: PCC

When addressing the background powers of history and politics we must start by considering where exactly theses powers begin. They begin -and this is their lowest level- with secret diplomacy, i.e. those organizations, processes and operations of diplomacy that are taking place in the background of public diplomacy. Thus there is secret diplomacy on the one hand and there are various secret services on the other: the operations between intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies partially merged with secret diplomacy. Secret diplomacy also has levels. The activities of diplomacy of various degrees of secrecy are not executed on the same level, thus there are levels of secret diplomacy that don’t know about each other’s activities. There are intelligence and counter-intelligence organizations that are not aware of certain levels of intelligence and counter-intelligence levels. This goes so far that secret services inform secret services about such things that if their informer was caught, he’d be executed. Yet the most secret versions of these are still the least hidden manifestations of the background powers.

Behind these there stand various secret societies which we should rather call exclusive societies instead, since the network of such secret and exclusive societies like, for example, that of freemasonry, categorically state that they are not secret societies; exclusive but not secret society, not involved in politics and are supposed to be actually a harmless humanitarian organizations. (But we know this just a bad joke). Freemasonry is an exclusive and secret society, because what’s exclusive to the outside is in this case secretive on the inside. This is all the more so that a free mason is not allowed disclose that somebody is a free mason. In other words it’s not allowed to disclose who is a free mason. Various organizations, partially cover organizations, partially manifest organizations belong to freemasonry, including various clubs, like the International Pen Club, international Rotary Club network, international Good Templar network. All these are free mason manifestations, partly cover organizations, partly manifest organizations. The prominent members of these clubs are always free masons. Free mason organizations are called latomic organizations from the Greek word “latomos”, which means mason and is a technical name reserved for free masonry.

There are so called para-latomic organizations, parallel organizations to free masonry that essentially belong to freemasonry. We must mention first of all the Order of the Illuminati which is an exceptionally dark version of such orientations; such a dark version that the darkest branches of freemasonry are directly influenced and controlled by the Order of the Illuminati.

We must emphasize that there are significant differences, even oppositions between branches of freemasonry, however, concerning significant and fundamental questions, there is always concession and cooperation between them.

We are aware of some lodges that are indeed apolitical. In France for example there is a lodge called “Grande Triade” or “Tradition”, which represents a “Guenonian” orientation and extracts itself from the normal course of freemasonry. But fundamentally we must say that the entirety of freemasonry, including the least dark branches of them – like for example the Scandinavian lines – cooperate with the darkest branches in the significant and fundamental questions and causes.

The darkest orientation of freemasonry is represented by the so called “Grand Orient” which is the most dangerous of all free mason organizations that took root in France. This was the line that already in the period preceding 1789 had completely shifted to an atheist foundation. The grand master of this was the Duke of Chartres, later of Orléans, who was called Philippe Égalité and who possessed a fully demonic personality.


He was the head of the house of Bourbon-Orléans and he voted for the death of Louise XVI. His son was Philippe Louise, the bourgeoisie king who succeeded Charles X. the last great French king on the throne. The 1848 revolution drove even the rather moderate Philippe Louise away from the throne; even he was too much for the free masons. There were two other legitimate French kings, Louise XIX and Henry V, however they were unable to attain the throne. Louise XIX was the son, Henry V was the grandson of Charles X.

Freemasonry manifested itself in 1717; this is when it declared its ambition and goals for world domination. The two hundred year intervals are interesting: 1517 – protestant reformation, 1717 – self-manifestation of freemasonry, and 1917 – the two Russian revolutions. The same forces were behind the events of 1517, 1717 and 1917, but what had been planned and manifested in 1717, they started to implement one cosmological day later, in 1789 (one cosmological day is 72 years). This was not without precedent since these forces had played a role already in the English revolution, but the French revolution was one unleashed fully by freemasonry. It is significant that when the reign of terror had reached its peak, freemasonry got banned.

Freemasonry also played an eminent role in unleashing the 1917 soviet revolution. The young soviet state, at a time when even the government had been starving, provided financial support to the “Grand Orient”. Russian freemasonry however was banned after a while.

The 1918 Hungarian revolution and then the Bolsheviks coming to power in 1919 was fully controlled by freemasonry. The Galilei – Circle in Hungary was the product of and controlled by freemasonry; this circle had a darker than usual facade, since this is where the Martinovics Lodge was active. The headmaster of this lodge was Oszkar (Jakubovics) Jaszi and it counted among its members Endre Ady [Hungarian poet – editor], as well as Jeno (Weissfeld) Varga, a prominent free mason who participated in the secret [communist] party leadership after 1945; he was the superior of Erno (Singer) Gero. Jeno (Weissfeld) Varga also had played an eminent role in the control of the economic life in the Soviet Union, so he spent almost all of his time there. Again, his subordinate was Erno (Singer) Gero and Singer’s subordinate was Matyas (Rosenfeld) Rakosi, Rakosi’s was Mihaly Farkas, whose earlier name was Mihail Wolf, originally Hermann Lowy, and Farkas’ subordinate was Jozsef (Lederer) Revai. Below them we find such characters as Gabor Peter, whose original name was Beno Eisenberger, or Zoltan (Weinberger) Vas.

When freemasonry had got banned after 1948, baron Bertalan Hatvany transferred the Martinovics lodge to Paris where it is still active today; so when freemasonry was not allowed to operate in Hungary openly, it functioned as a coordinator-lodge in Paris. By the way, this baron Bertalan Hatvany is the one that Attila Jozsef [editor’s note: a Hungarian poet] mentioned in his CV like somebody who hosted him for two weeks. This is not a good letter of recommendation considering that baron Bertalan Hatvany was Europe’s most infamous homosexual.


Baron Bertalan Hatvany, we must note, had significant merit as an orientalist and he produced a useful Tao Te Ching translation, too.

Not only do the affiliates of freemasonry and its lateral organizations, first of all the Order of the Illuminati influence life on Earth, they occupy leadership positions in it. There exists a three tier lodge system above freemasonries and the Illumiati. The lowest of these is seemingly public, but actually exclusive and essentially secret; it is comprised of lodges that may only have Jewish members, both racially and from the religious perspective. This is “B’nai B’rith” which means the Sons of the Alliance. All the important members of the B’nai B’rith are also 33. grade free masons. Above this we find “B’nai Mose”, Sons of Moses and “B’nai Sion”, Sons of Sion. We must tell these from simple cionist organizations, although there is a connection between them. What there is to know about these two is only that they exist. So there is “B’nai Sion”, below it there is “B’nai Mose” and below that there is “B’nai B’rith”, below which there is freemasonry and Illuminatism and roughly all the political powers of the world, with the exception of a few marginal powers.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Apostolic Santa Sede, once its biggest opponent and enemy, pronounced a curse on freemasonry and any kind of contact with freemasonry results in excommunication. These directives are no longer adhered to but they are also not fully out of order; in spite of this there are several free masons among the Consistory and the Cardinals. Since 1945, the Jesuit Order, which constitutes the effective secret service of the Church, is full of Jews and its leadership is full of secret free mason Jews. The Jesuit Order is in the hands of these powers; it is still effective and it uses its effectiveness for the benefit of these powers. Above these levels and above “B’nai Sion” stand the Council of 300, the Council of 72, the Councils of 30, 12, 7, 5 and 3 and on the top of all these there is one person who is called the Prince of the Jews. Symbolically, similarly to the head of the Assassins hiding in the fortress of Alamud, he carries the name of The Elder of the Mountains. The objective of freemasonry is Israel, realized in three steps: Israel, in the known form, great Israel from Euphrates to the Nile, and complete Israel, which is planet Earth. They aim to achieve this through a global Jewish Republic and then through a global Jewish Monarchy. What is it that is absolutely unacceptable in this ambition? It is not only that an ethnicity that is different from all other ethnicities wants to take over the control over the world, but that they want to achieve this through the realization of exclusively anti-traditional and anti-spiritual objectives while destroying and subverting all traditional structures. Communisms, liberalisms, anarchisms and all other modern formations are put to work towards this end so that in various phases, through the application of various methods they’d facilitate the achievement of this ultimate objective. Let’s imagine that this is actually a positive objective; but what kind of effort is it that wants to work through world-communism and world-liberalism? What could it be that wants to attain power through the most vulgar destruction of all structures?

The question of background powers is far from being exhausted yet, since the manipulators of the world, with the Prince of the Jews at the forefront, are themselves being manipulated. It’s very important to be cognizant of this. They believe that they completely hold the reins and this is to a certain degree true, but not fully. At this point there may be two fundamental delusions: one is that underestimates this power, the other is that extremely overestimates it thereby assisting its intentions. There is no doubt that they dispose over an immense amount of power, but not over all the powers. There is no doubt that they are the manipulators of the world, but they are also being manipulated; they’re manipulated manipulators. The point from which manipulation starts is already beginning the leave behind the human form of existence. There obviously are still intermediary human agents, since the human manifestations of the manipulation are not exclusively Jewish free mason manifestations, even along the darkest lines. There are organizations that, although they maintain certain contacts with the free mason illuminati line, they are not in a relationship of subordination with them. Such are certain Indian currents: Transcendental Meditation, The Krishna-Consciousness Movement that engage in immensely dark work since they can do more than the Jews; they can interfere in the spheres beyond death. The danger of these manipulators should not be underestimated. The human agents at the darkest places diverge in two directions; since not all dark currents are subordinated to Jewish freemasonry, there must still be human agents that manipulate all these, but behind them, there are no longer human agents, so these people are already under demonic direction. These are the counter – godheads of dissolution and disintegration, in other words, satanic powers. These demons constitute the troops of satanic powers. Satan, the Devil are possible denominations; as Luther, who we don’t respect that much, said: “Gottes Teufe”, God’s Devil. So the Devil belongs to God, it is subordinated to God. In fact it is God himself when he distances himself from himself and turns himself into his own opposite. Satan can’t damage God, but it can damage man. It can’t hurt man that has become the creator, but it can all the more so hurt man on the level of a creature that wants to transmute himself into the creator. So it’s important that there is no such dark force that may undermine the highest divine existence, but it may undermine man that is progressing on a path: Homo Viator. Man that is fully submerged in darkness is less interesting from this aspect. Man that is in the very vicinity of central existence may not be touched. But man in progression on a path from lower to higher, directed from above, may be harmed, and this is the man that really matters. Homo Comprehensivus may not be undermined while Homo Damnatus is already lost so it is Homo Viator that from this aspect is exposed the most to these powers, although it is him that would be worthy of not being exposed fully. Not even Satan can undermine the godhead, the dark forces even less so, but the human personality on the path yes, the personality in whom the presence of the supra-personal lights up as a flash, but is not yet really present. If it was really present he could defend himself internally and autonomously, but he can’t yet. All teachings, all statements of protection is manifested for the benefit of these people. Buddha himself said that I am addressing those whose eyes are covered but by a little dust only. Not those, whose eyes are fully covered by dust and sand and not those whose eyes are already clear but those whose eyes are covered by only a little dust. All teachings in all the world talk to these people.

The activities of truly dangerous background powers may not even be described in rational human terms. The representatives of these powers can’t be grasped, we only know that they exist.

Could a view that presumes such extreme conspiracy be correct? In such a sense it is itself the representative of a conspiracy but not because it approves of the conspiracy but because it ascertains that the correct position is that of involutionism so it considers itself the representative of involutionism; in this case we also ascertain a conspiracy, i.e. a world-conspiracy. More or less everybody is exposed to the world-conspiracy. There are people who don’t grasp any of it and there are others who “grow out of it”, but everybody is exposed to it; including those who orchestrate the conspiracy because the leaders of the conspiracy are not the real leaders and even the real leaders are being led. Fundamentally I am the leader myself but while I am not aware of this I am by far not the actual leader. Guénon makes mention of people on the highest levels of the dark powers whom the Sufi tradition calls Satan’s Saints. This is a truly high level. Not as high as the true Saints of God, but a really high degree that possesses immense powers. Is it possible to eliminate the relative victory of dark powers? Considering that Kali-Yuga must run its course, we must recognize that it’s not. Even the most traditionalist position agrees with that the that Kali-Yuga must run its course. It matters however what the very end of the Kali-Yuga is like, since there are values that stand above the Yugas. These values above the Yugas are mostly values that are submerged into latency but these must be lifted to the level of manifestation, they must be conserved, they must be reevaluated and the innermost essential values of these values must be saved over to a new age, according to the supra-cyclic principles. This is tightly related to the completion of individual paths of realization on the one hand and to the concept of a worthy end on the other.

I have mentioned it elsewhere that Franz Joseph did not doubt that the Monarchy would one day cease to exist. He said that he’d like to make sure that the end will be appropriate and he indeed was committed to this. He could not do so much to prevent the end or that it would be a worthy end. Such an end may never arrive in a fully dignified way.

The effort of conservation and the affirmation of bringing the yuga to its conclusion may only be brought into synthesis if we introduce a third principle above these two. This is the ideology of building the golden age without which these would be irreconcilable. This should be the Leitmotiv. The counter-godheads or devils, satans together with their demonic alliances are all aiming at the end of the Yuga. From this point of view everybody wants the same; those who don’t, don’t see things clearly. But they want this in a way that conservation, especially the conservation of high values may not be realized, that the golden age may no longer be, that nothing may be saved over, i.e. that devastation and disintegration should fully triumph; and all this because the ultimate goal of the counter-godheads of dissolution is Nothing. All dissolution aims at Nothing. The fighters of the free mason-Jewish world-domination operate with tools in which the true guiding force is the contra-goadheads of dissolution and that aims at Nothing. Ultimately what will come to fruition is not what they want – although that would also be quite terrible – but the innermost and most secret goal, path, progress and way of the agents, the agents behind the agents and of the highest agents represented and operated in the strongest possible way. Somebody put it correctly: the first leftist was Satan itself. The dark powers can only use the Left or the contra-left, both of which are essentially on the same side. They can’t use anything else because their aim is that the structures should collapse, that values should not be conserved. By the way, objectives that are realized through methods that are too indirect are related to extreme dangers even if the purest intentions were at work in them. Some indirect solutions are unavoidable but if these are executed in an overly indirect way, it may only lead to deterioration. Sometimes these take on grotesque forms; let’s take for example the goal of anarchist terrorist attacks. According to their ideology, if there are terrorist activities everywhere, it will provoke world-fascism. Once world-fascism is achieved, a huge anarchistico-communist left wing world revolution will break out to raise up against it, which in the end will triumph. If this was so, we could say that we’d be satisfied with the temporary middle part, hoping that a communist world revolution will not be able to sweep it away. But this is not so and the whole thing is ridiculous and frivolous.

As long as somebody has a healthy mental-spiritual organism, it’s not possible to agree with the forces that control the world through the global web of organizations, today we can even say that through the states of the world – with the United States at the top -, including the engagement of such previously resisting organizations like the Roman Catholic Church. A healthy mental, spiritual organism may not be attracted to a decomposition process that triggers its very own decomposition; thus, since it doesn’t only liquidate earthly life but also undermines all transcendent possibilities, in this sense, it may not be attracted to a super-suicide . Not only nations but everything is dissolved by these drives. What’s really interesting about this is that which is related to the realization and actualization of transcendent possibilities. These possibilities are specifically targeted.

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere that liberalism stands in opposition – among other things – with libertas, with freedom; but we can go further and say that it stands in opposition with liberalitas, even with liberalism. It is a self-destructing phenomenon which would not be a big problem as long as it was disintegrating itself only, but it destructs real values as well. Liberalism stands in opposition to everything and it wants to destruct everything; and this is only the sincere variety, because ill-willed liberalism is not even honest; it is selective and selecting doesn’t mean that some things will not be destructed in general, but that it only wants to destroy positive things, not the dark ones, so it disintegrates positive things first. Eventually everything will be destroyed by this process, as well but this is also ill-willed and sly.

Hungary is special from the point of view that these processes take on the most repulsive style elements here. The slavish imitation of the West knows no limits; but they adopt only negatives; why not the Scandinavian social system and security?! They bring here the most repulsive, the most negative formulas, specially prepared. They give special attention not to adopt here whatever may be good there. In 1988 people used to say Scandinavian tax system and Ethiopian wage system and this decidedly become even more pronounced since then. Not only the tax system but the price system, as well. This is important because Hungary, although it is in a poor economical situation, is not in such a poor economics situation how people experience it. Why is it so? Because this is what the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, but mainly the International Monetary Fund ordered. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are two free mason affiliates. The banking world in general, with the exception of a few entities are in the hands of freemasonry. In this respect they do excel. Only Kuhn-Loeb Bank enjoys a more exclusive position, which officially ranks as around #100, but in reality they are in the top position – a big coordinator bank of sinister businesses. Among operative banks, the International Monetary Fund is the most sinister, second is the World Bank and the third is the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The International Monetary Fund orders that in Hungary the prices must be raised and the wages should be kept where they are. This is why the situation is unbearable. Theoretically the prices may be set freely, but at a certain point an intervention is necessary which is done for example by the fuel tax and then everything follows, according to the domino principle. No need to do too much: the State intervenes by triggering price hikes. There is no classical inflation since classical inflation is the devaluation of money -which there is-, lack of goods -which there isn’t-, and unlimited issue of money – which there also isn’t. This is inflation but not a classical, perfect and clean inflation; the point is the devaluation which is controlled. The destitution of Hungarians – with only a few exception- is carried out on the order of the International Monetary Fund. The International Monetary Fund performs actions according to the interests of world – freemasonry. The situation is two-sided: the so called government receives the order from the International Monetary Fund on the one hand, on the other hand the members of government  – as free masons – separately receive these directives from the side of freemasonry, as well. So the situation is rather extreme; it is even planned out how it would be retaliated if Hungary left the International Monetary Fund. They would put it in a situation where there is no solution. Maybe in spite of all this there would still be solutions – temporary ones of course, since there is essentially one party in parliament with six factions. If eight additional parties made it to parliament, then this one party would have fourteen fractions.

The way these powers control the countries of the globe is very different. For example the way they controlled the Soviet Union went like this: above the Political Committee there was a secret political committee and above that there was an even more secret political committee. There were overlaps; somebody could have been the member of the secret political committee, while being only a substitute member of the visible political committee. This is how control was maintained there. We are aware of the number one person among the visible ones in the time of Stalin. There is always a number one among the visible ones. The top visible person of the dark powers in Hungary is György Konrád today. Obviously, there are people above him but we don’t know who they are. There was such a person in the Soviet Union, too: Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich;


he was member of the top leadership and while but not the top man there, in actuality he stood above Stalin. Later he was pushed aside, even kicked out of the party but his orders were executed all the way until the middle of 1991, when he died in the age of 98. The Soviet Union didn’t outlive him by much. He was among the top leaders even in Lenin’s time – probably at the very top.

Such a role was filled in the United States by Bernard Baruch.


He got into this undefined position during WWI under Wilson and he was called the true president of the United States until his death, which occurred under the presidency of Kennedy. The control in the United States is different from that of the ex Soviet Union. In the United States the president doesn’t receive orders; he is put in situations so that his range of possibilities for action is limited to such a degree that he has no choice but to do what they require him to do. If somebody wants to act fundamentally differently from what these powers expect will not become president in the first place. If he has individual ideas, those will be appropriately coordinated. The presidents of the United States pursue sinister goals. The relatively  – and this is really very relative – most decent president of the United States was Reagan. According to his intentions, Nixon could have been like this too, but he was very soft. Secretly, Nixon supported the planned coup in Italy by navy commander prince Julio Valerio Borghese.


Prince Valerio Borghese was supposed to be the new Duce and his main inspiration for cultural affairs would have been Evola. Nixon gave orders for the American fleet stationed at the Italian shores to eventually intervene on the side of Borghese. This did not happen because the orders of the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States were not executed; they were sabotaged and Nixon was overthrown. He could not see his will through. If he could have seen it through, he would have been killed. The coup, unfortunately, failed. Unfortunately, because Valerio Borghese would have realized a more adequate fascism than Mussolini; this is clear also from whom he imaged as inspiration for spiritual life.

Similarly to the presidents of the United States who are made to face situations, such a thing is imaginable even in connection with sombody like Hitler. I mentioned it elsewhere that Hitler’s nuclear weapons could have been ready by 1944 and not three of them, like in the case of the Americans, but fifteen. Additionally the V rackets were already designed; the V-1 was already in production, a few pieces of the V-2 were produced but the designs were ready all the way until the V-10. Supposedly the V-9 was already intercontinental and the V-10 was supposed to be a global rocket with 20,000 km range (obviously there is no need for a 40,000 km range). In the time of losing at Stalingrad and in El-Alamein, when fast weapons’ development was most needed, this development was slowed down, almost stopped by Hitler. However, they didn’t lay off the scientist team which was more superior than that of the Americans. Gyorgy Marx university professor mentioned it recently – which he would have probably not mentioned if it was not true – that the American scientist team was quite remarkable, but the German team was even more excellent. The American team included Oppenheimer, Teller and Fermi, the German team included Heisenber, Weizsäcker and other excellent scientists. The Germans were ahead in all respects. The Americans produced three bombs by 1945. They detonated one of them in the Nevada desert, the other two they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Germans probably produced 15 warheads; they were not thinking in bombs but in rackets to be carred by V-9s and V10s. This way they could have won the war, but they lost. They were difficult to defeat but they ended up being defeated and this started with Hitler. Hitler told Szalasi that he has the new weapon, that it was ready. According to all signs Szalasi didn’t believe this fully but thought that they would be ready by the middle of the summer and the Germans may be able to hold out until then. He realized by April 17th, 1945 that German no longer can win the war because the rackets were not ready and would not be ready by the summer and even if they would be, they wouldn’t be able to hold out until then. According to Hitler’s orders they would have never beer ready even though Hitler told Szalasi in December, 1944 that he had already had the new weapon which could have been deployed at any time however it would have caused such terrible destruction that he’d try to win the war with conventional weapons. What we know with almost 100% certainty is that Hitler was the member of some neocathar organization. Catharism was a later form of Manicheism. He was bond to this organization by oath and according to my hypotheses it’s possible that some kind of latomic or paralatomic organization stood behind this one and he didn’t have to know about this. Since according to all signs he was executing orders, he decided the way he decided according to an order that came from here. The most basic common sense demanded that after Stalingrad and El-Alamein  arms development should have been accelerated and not to be slowed down; to such a degree that the scientists, although not laid off, were just fiddling about with all kinds of things and were not engaged in anything serious. It’s difficult to know anything about this because it is presented in a way that it was the scientists that sabotaged the development, but it seems that this was not so; the Americans recorded the conversations among these scientists when they were in prison and they leaked some of it.It would have been embarrassing to admit that Hitler was their main ally. We can’t see clearly in this question yet, but some of the things that are taking shape are pretty clear.

The dark powers couldn’t keep such a firm grip on the German Empire as on other countries but they had the methods with which, although indirectly and partially, they still managed to control it after all.

Source: pannonfront.hu

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