Liberalism and Bolshevism

Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Andras Laszlo – translated from Hungarian

Liberalism and bolsevistico-communism stand in the sharpest contrast and opposition – on the surface. This opposition however can be resolved and it does get resolved in the worst possible sense:  the hypocritical nature of this opposition becomes evident mainly when they are faced with an actual enemy. Such was decidedly the case in World War II. Thus liberalism and Bolshevism -although they are enemies- come from the same roots and follow the same objectives, since the ultimate purpose of communism – whether or not it is articulated this way-  is a status anarchisticus (an anarchic state) and the highest goal of liberalism – whether or not it is articulated this way- is the same. Anarchism attacks communism because it is not communistic enough and it attacks liberalism because it is not liberal enough. Essentially both liberalism and communism aims at an extreme status anarchisticus and affirms anarchism; not pronouncedly yet, but almost. This how it is evident that their goals are the same and it may be deducted from this that their origins are the same, as well. No matter how far they get from each other in the course of their development when extreme necessities call for it, they always cooperate.

We consider liberalism, just like communism, an extremely dangerous enemy. Communism is obviously more brutal and more intolerable, but the sins of liberalism are of a different nature. It may also become intolerable at any time because liberalism doesn’t shy away from terroristic moves if its interests so demand. So liberalism may produce the most reproachable acts at any time, but it is indisputable that when it comes to regular practice, a more demonic and destructive system than communism has not been invented yet. All right wing orientations, but especially the ultra-dextro-conservative position stand most decidedly and sharply in opposition to both, but they also stand against national Bolshevism, as well, which constitutes a third possibility; this latter one appeared in Germany already after World War I. The rot-braun (red-brown) initiatives aim at the revival of this. This is also very dangerous and while we can cooperate with national socialism in general – which is always better than the name suggests -, we can’t cooperate with the rot-braun line and we are not even willing to consider such moves. All these we consider to be our enemies.

This phenomena is suitable for creating total confusion and prevent people from seeing clearly; let’s not forget that one of the goals of skotazmocratism and the intermingling of judeocratism and latomocratism within it, is precisely to make sure that people have absolutely no political world-views. If people have no political world view, manipulation over humanity may become absolute. People are already prone to manipulation to a very high degree – and we should see that nobody in any sense would be able to see through such unclarified  relationships like the intertwined lines of liberalism, communism and rot-braun initiatives.  This is very suitable for fully extinguishing all political commitments people may have and manipulate them exclusively on the basis of the most fundamental daily pragmatisms.

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