Author: Baranyi Tibor Imre

– sexcenti sexaginta sex –


Hic sapientia est.

Qui habet intellectum, computet numerum bestiae.

Numerus enim hominis est:

et eius sexcenti sexaginta sex.

(Apocalypsis Ioannis 13:18)

The period of the passing yet frightening victory of contra-tradition that ever more openly asserts itself in the current and especially in the next stage of the modern world and in human consciousness, is no longer merely the age of quantity, although it is also decidedly so, but a closing period with a special contra-hierarchy that appears -according to the Christian tradition- as the reign of the Antichrist. The Antichrist actually embodies the principle of the “anti-king of the world” and as such, is a reverse cakra-vartin: he claims for himself world domination, the role of “spinning the wheel of the world”, but he doesn’t want to turn the wheel from the center (like the true cakravartin, the true king of the world) but quite  the opposite, from the periphery and into the opposite direction. This is a symbolic reference to externalities (secularism), to “indirectism”, and to the spirit of ideological lies which he is supposed to manifest and through which he will eventually create the all encompassing anti-religion and contra-tradition that is the opposite of the “Sacred Empire” (Imperium Sacrum) or the ‘kingdom of God”: the ‘kingdom of the devil’ which our age -with its “progressive” tendencies – in its central and essential delirium is so feverishly and obsessively “building”.

In the Book of Relevations of the New Testament, the Antichrist appears as a “beast” that is similar to Christ but “spoke like a dragon”. This “dragon” emerges from “earth”, from the inferno of the underworld as the individual and collective representative of the antispiritual, demonic darkness. (In Western traditions the “dragon” typically comes from water or earth and as such has a negative connotation as opposed to the dragon in the traditions of the Far East which often comes from air or fire denoting a decidedly positive meaning.) Symbolically speaking, for the “dragon” of the underworld to be able to emerge from “earth”, it was necessary in the first step that all the positive and beneficial spiritual influences and powers be eliminated from man’s world that had prevented this emergence. These powers descended vertically from “heavens” or, to formulate it from the point of view of immanency, from an inner centrality into the world and consciousness of man in eras of relative normality or at least in not too distant eras; in order to eliminate these powers, first- as Guenon puts it- the “heavens had to be vaulted”. This is what the first phase of anti-tradition aimed at achieving with humanism, rationalism, mechanism and materialism; once this was completed, man’s world and consciousness had to be, or rather has to be opened up from below (this process is still in progress) in a second phase. This is when the gate of the underworld is broken in and the path becomes free for the “dragon of the earth” to launch its assault on a wide front.

This infernal “dragon” also appears as a “false prophet” or as the spirit of lies who/what “makes the inhabitants of earth believe” and “will cause both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand and on their foreheads”. The hand is the symbol of physical, the forehead is the symbol of spiritual activity and capability, while the “mark” here represents the contra-powers of anti-tradition and the Antichrist. A concrete manifestation of this could also be money (or whatever takes its place) which today -when it’s almost fully quantified- increasingly takes on a “qualitative” character, but this is the exact opposite of true quality. Needless to say, that while money (or its virtual supplement) is becoming the only measure of value among people, it has also become practically indispensable to participate in the mode of life of the Antichrist and in the corruption of existence (in other words, the denial of value par excellence ) in order to acquire it.

Furthermore, the Antichrist also ensures that “no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name”. “Selling and buying” in the broadest sense symbolizes breathing, the basic condition of life and existence and thus what happens is that whoever is not serving the dominion of powers symbolized by the beast essentially can’t participate in any of the human or earthly domains and in a way suffocates in a physical-psychical sense.

We need to emphasize the human domain of life because: “Wisdom is here. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six”. The “beast” only has power over what’s merely human (corporeal and animal; physical and psychical); however, the otherwise seemingly unlimited power of the “beast” can’t extend to the one who is able to count the number of the beast from a supra-human position (“qui habet intellectum” i.e. ’who has intellect’); and who, by looking down, is able to grasp its essence, or -to put it differently- is able to pronounce the name of the demon; and who, with an innate understanding, and drawing existential conclusions, can rise above all merely and “overly” human conditions.

Being unrecognized and invisible, is the conditio sine qua non of demonicity, in addition to not being aware of all that in the human world which is based on and supported by metaphysical non-seeing (avidya), stupidity and inferior seeing (aparavidya) – all things that are plentiful today and that the powers of darkness  -let’s not be naive about this- purposefully calculated with from the very beginning for their actions. However, he ‘who has intellect”, “qui habet intellectum” as the trustee of a superior world: “Stood there on the Mount Sion [representing the centrality of existence and consciousness] with the Lamb, who/what is the symbol of the transcendental I or “Self” (My metaphysical Self) (Rev. 14:1-5). The number we find here, 144000 (=9) indicates -among other things- two squares, tilted by a 45 degree angle (octagon) which is thus the symbol of the totality of the cosmos and the Center above the Cosmos (“Lamb”).

In the course of history many interpretations have surfaced regarding the number 666 itself (from identifying it with the Roman Emperor Nero to considering it essentially the same as computers). These interpretations are, to put it mildly, rather incomprehensive. According to a more comprehensive interpretation, 666 is the numerical value of the Hebrew name of the “Sun Demon”, Sorath:

The Sorath expresses the opposite of Sun as Logos within the Sun; in other words, it is the divine that turned into its own opposite. (“Satan is God’s monkey”). This is just another way of saying that while metaphysically speaking Christ is completely I, Myself (my complete Self is Christ) , the Antichrist is the complete non-I, the fully other, thus it is a fiction that may only become fully realized if I completely lost my Self as Subject (and my Self as the world).  This is also the reason why the sign of both Christ and the Antichrist is the lion (in other words where the Sun, Urania Logos is in dominion in the astrosophical  sense) since – according to gematrija- 666 is a solar number (6+6+6=18, 1+8=9), but in the opposite sense (9 as Sun, in opposite to this is 6, as Sun Demon): thus the “Antichrist” and everything that it is supposed to manifest is not merely a void – although obviously that, too – , but an active power: the divine that turned into its own opposite and degenerated into the demonic. The name Hakathriel also refers to this, although somewhat differently; this one is the name of the fallen Lucifer (Lucifer falsus). Originally, Lucifer was the “Angel of the Crown” but -due to his hubris and his drive for an absolute position in his state of separation- fell into hell; the Crown = Kether, is the first and highest sephira of the sephiric tree of the Jewis kabbalah; Hakathriel and thus 666 symbolize the fall from the highest to the lowest state, just like -somewhat differently- Sorath itself. As far as the concrete and -if we may say- “personal” social-political appearance of the Antichrist is concerned, who is identical with anti-spiritual darkness, he will be most likely the president or -mutatis mutandis- secular “monarch” of some sort of global “world-governance” which is the external anti-image of the inner “Kingdom of God”; his agents (who bought into the biggest illusion) have been preparing his path for centuries, so that the bringer of the light, the true Messiah – who in the Christian universe is represented by Jesus Christ-, should begin his occult, in a special sense concrete incarnation as an active dark force in the world instead of and against God, unifying all processes aimed at the corruption of existence, so that when the time is right he could finally emerge from latency into manifestation and as a “person” representing the apotheosis of impersonality, he could occupy the position at the head of an ever expanding, but until the last moment camouflaged demonocracy, the only serious enemy of which in the manifest world -at the time of writing these lines- is perhaps Islam.

Applying a full arsenal of anti-traditional means, the agents of the Antichrist, as the occasionally more or less open, at other times secret and semi-secret political background powers, first conquer all the nations and kings of the Earth and then, building up a global anti-tradition, anti-religion (materialism, atheism and various forms of neo-spiritualism) and anti-culture, they reduce man and the world to the lowest possible level – this, besides the general and mass torpor and stupidity as main accomplice, is also helped by the pestilence arsenal of “progressive” manias-, thus casting a deceived humanity into an existential slavery that will truly be the most terrifying of all possibilities so far. His dominance will be complete and -at least for people of healthy disposition, carrying the seeds of normality- terrible. This dominion will also be very short – not on a human scale but in terms of time cycles- because the law of tradition is that the length of time of something in manifest existence is inversely proportional to the “negative” aspect of its existence, i.e. the closer something is to metaphysical nothing (and to a par excellence valueless state) the closer it is also to total annihilation and to being completely annihilated, including those through whom he’ll get to power, since, as they say, the reward for the servants of Satan is Satan himself.

The rule of the Antichrist, or, to formulate it more universally, the rule of contra-tradition is the omega of the possibilities of this world-cycle; its realization means the end of the cycle, in the sense of exhausted possibilities, when “the first heaven and the first earth have passed away, and the sea is no more“. At this point, transcendentally generated, -“from God it descends from heaven”- the golden age of a new world-cycle, when once again  ” the tabernacle of God is among men” and the pure spiritual powers of the new creation permeate the manifest world. 

He, who has intelligence, should count it”


When it comes to possibilities of interpretations of partial significance, it is interesting that the most commonly used prefix for internet sites is www (‘world wide web’); it contains the wav letter of the Hebrew alphabet three times; the numeric value of wav according to the traditional gematrija is 6. This way, before viewing most of the web pages of the virtual world the calling sign of 666 must inevitably be used. Regarding the numerical values of the Hebrew alphabet see Kurt Seligmann: History of Magic and the Occult.

Translation: PCC

Source: tradicio.org

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  1. magyarusa says:

    Thank You for having translations from this Author. Students of thought in the USA are greatfull. In particular I like the style of his “discussion” here. He brings us into the material by invitation. As the discussion unfolds his italic foot notes can be passed, researched or presumed. The reader can put it aside or contemplate the rich ideas. I find the studious reader seeks to re-enter the discussion because he wants the next footnote. The Author draws richly on the widely diverse traditions but speads the readers’ mind thinly enought to walk between the concepts like stones across a stream.


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