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Considerations on the relationship between a metaphysico-traditional weltanschauung and the ultradextro-conservative world view

Author: Andras Laszlo For us ‘ultradesctro-conservatives’ with a traditional orientation, the strong and organic connection between the world view that rests on the principles of  ‘Traditionalitas Spiritualis et Metaphysica Universalis Integralisque’ and the political right, or, in a stricter sense, … Continue reading

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On some of the characteristics of the post-communist system

Author: Andras Laszlo Translation: PCC/LK Following the natural sequence of decline, the rule of the brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas (and their  quasi-equivalents) “should have been” followed by the rule of the sudras and for a while it seemed that this had  … Continue reading

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On Clemens Wenzel Lothar Fürst von Metternich Winneburg

Author: Dr. András László Translation: PCC (Laszlo Kovari) There was an eminent and paradigmatic personality who, in the advanced stage of modernity, in the age of increasing and self-renewing, overt and covert, anti-traditional, left wing offensive, managed to remain internally … Continue reading

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Liberalism and Bolshevism

Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Andras Laszlo – translated from Hungarian Liberalism and bolsevistico-communism stand in the sharpest contrast and opposition – on the surface. This opposition however can be resolved and it does get resolved in the worst … Continue reading

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Līberālismus contrā Lībertātem

Author: Andras Laszlo Translation: PKK/LK Man’s relationship to freedom is determined by the relationship between the person and the subject. This means that the more it is the spirit that dominates a person’s being, in other words the subject in … Continue reading

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