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Truth vs. reality – a call for integration

Truth and reality has been disconnected for a long time now. As we know, it’s even possible to lie with facts. In fact, facts are always related to realities where the Truth is seemingly not present or where it is … Continue reading

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Considerations on the relationship between a metaphysico-traditional weltanschauung and the ultradextro-conservative world view

Author: Andras Laszlo For us ‘ultradesctro-conservatives’ with a traditional orientation, the strong and organic connection between the world view that rests on the principles of  ‘Traditionalitas Spiritualis et Metaphysica Universalis Integralisque’ and the political right, or, in a stricter sense, … Continue reading

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The path of the knights

 (presented by the Andras Laszlo as a lecture on August 1st, 1998, in the Saint Mary Monastery in Szabolcs, Hungary) Translation: PCC/LK THE ESSENCE of all spiritual paths is to find the Center of Existence, the Center of Consciousness, the … Continue reading

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Tradition and the current age

Author: Andras Laszlo Translation: PCC/LK The terms Tradition and Traditionality convey an ancient, primordial spiritual knowledge about the Origin, the Beginning and the Non-beginning since the very beginning of the manifest existence of the world; Tradition sustains this timeless knowledge … Continue reading

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René Guénon and the metaphysics of society

by Bela Hamvas (translation PCC/LK) I. – René Guénon’s name should be well known by now. He started to work for the “Voile d’Isis” as early as the early 20’s. His first books were published around the same time. These … Continue reading

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